Biophysics For English Module students (2016 - 2017, 2nd semester),

There are two types of teaching events regarding Biophysics:

A) Biophysics Lecture:

Semester 2, 2016-2017:

The lecture  is presented by  Dr. Adrian Iftime and Dr. Calinescu.

On this page you can download the study materials for the lectures, as pdf files. This page is updated only 2-3 times / month, or whenever necessary for additions or improvements.
 Additional media: are usually animations, movies or sounds. (Movies do play with generic players, but if you have difficulties we suggest the VLC media player); all these files (pdf and multimedia) are archived as .rar files (can be extracted with most archivers, like P7ZIP, WinRar etc.
Required reading: The students are required to know some particular topics in chemistry or physics before going to that particular lecture.  Any pre-university level textbook can be used. For some advanced topics, (sub)chapters from (bio)physics / (bio)chemistry textbooks are provided in the download materials. 

Lecture materials:

- Guidelines for students (pdf)
- Foreword (download)

1. Electromagnetic Waves and their Effects on the Organism. Photobiology ( download)
2. Ionizing Radiation and interaction with living organisms  (.pdf, additional media: download; lecture hall slides)
    [see also: Required reading]
3. Physical Principles of Medical Imaging (.pdf, additional media: download)
4. Water in Biological Systems (pdf, additional media: download)
    [see also Required reading]
5. Biological Thermodynamics (part I, part II, additional multimedia: download)
6. Biophysics of Dispersion Systems (.pdf, additional media: download)
7. Biological membranes and Membrane Transport (.pdf, download and additional media )
    [see also: Required reading]
8. Bioelectricity: Fundamentals of Biolelectrogenesis and Bioelectrical Phenomena
 (download)  [see also: Required reading]
9. Molecular motors. Biophysics of Muscular Contraction (.pdf, additional_media: download )
10. Effects of Therapeutic Physical Factors. Lasers in Medicine; Transducers - Biomedical Exploration Techniques. (download)
11. Fluid Dynamics. Biophysics Of Hemodynamics (.pdf, additional media: download)
12. Biophysics of Hearing (.pdf, additional media: download)
13. Biophysics of Visual Perception (.pdf, additional media: download)
14. Elements of Psychophysics. Elements of Information Theory and Biocybernetics. (download)

Helpful resources:

A)  Sample quizzes from lectures (sample quizzes are included at the end of each lecture material)

B)   Sample test for the final exam: test, answers

C)  How difficult is the final exam? How many questions, etc?  (full description of grading, etc ).

Exam schedule and results: See the "Students" section.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR SUMMER EXAM, 2016-2017: Lectures #10 and #14 (Physical Factors; Psychophysics) are not required for the written exam

B) Practical Sessions  and seminars (PSS)
These will take place in Biophysics Labs (Main UMF building, basement).

Support materials for PSS classes: this link.

* Please note that some online resources are available for download only with a valid username and a password. Ask your supervisor about them.

* If you find errors in the links, these pages, etc, please let us know.

For any questions related to the lecture, please write to:

Contact information:
Dr. Adrian Iftime, 
Office hours for students-related topics, in 2nd semester 2016-2017:
Every Monday 13.30 - 14.30, with a confirmed appointment via email.
Room nr. 1, Biophysics Labs